Bringing a web site online requires several steps and our experience can be useful for a personal, professional or commercial site.

1) Choice of a service supplier

We can help you choose a service supplier, interact with its representatives to solve technical problems such as the purchase of a domain name and its connection to the servers.

2) Installation of a platform

Then comes the choice and installation of a platform. One of the most popular is WordPress©. We can also help you with an e-commerce site with WordPress e-commerce within a WP site or with a more elaborate platform such as Prestashop© for a commercial site.
You will end up with a personnalised web site to insure your presence on the internet!

3) Maintenance

Now that the platform is installed and its content reaches your communication objectives, the site must be maintained and updated. Modules will have to be updated to newer versions along with the contents.

4) Training

Using applications such as Teamviewer© or Skype©, we will show you, if you want, how to maintain your site.

… we guide you in the set-up of your web site